Correctional Furniture

Furniture for correctional facilities and prisons.

Furniture solutions for correctional facilities have uniquely strong needs for durability and safety. Norix furniture brings 35 years of specialized experience in designing and building furniture that delivers performance and longevity in these intense-use environments. Our product line combines the robust strength needed to last and the safety and security needed for your staff and inmates. In addition, our approach includes an aesthetic element that is intended to influence the success of your correctional facility or rehabilitation with a humanizing element.

Our background includes years of research in correctional environments with input from justice architects, jail administrators, maintenance staff, and corrections health practitioners. We’ve continued to modify and enhance our products as a result of feedback from professionals in the industry, always making sure your needs are being met.

correctional furniture

  • Prison cell furniture: Steel and molded furniture options are available to provide a tamper-resistant solution to help keep your staff and inmates safe.
  • Prison dayroom furniture: Tables, chairs, and even rocking chairs contribute safety, resilience, and a soothing element for staff and inmates.
  • Prison visitation furniture: We want to help give you peace of mind that your visitation area furniture is secure and safe, regardless of the level of security you have instilled at your facility. We offer a variety of kiosks, seating, tables, and kids’ furniture.
  • Prison mattresses: Mattresses have historically been a source of struggle for correctional facilities, as they are commonly used to store contraband. Norix has a variety of mattresses available that have sealed seams, as well as mattresses made of translucent material, allowing staff to spot contraband quickly and easily.

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